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Slices of Life

Like most who have been blessed with the generous gift of hearing, I have been strongly influenced by music for most of my life. It has long been my feeling that music should be created as a reflection of who we are and our experience. 

Anything I post here, is something I had a hand in making, whether it is writing, performing, recording, or producing. I do hope you enjoy.


Kings: All That We Keep

I played lap-steel, electric guitar, mandolin, and sang on most of the songs on this record. These songs were written by Emily Beilagus, Steph Bishop, with contributions from original Kings member Robert Merril. Recorded in 2015 at Justin Guip's studios in the Hudson River Valley, NY, it was one of the most difficult and fulfilling things I've worked on in my musical life.


Kings Bones EP

Bones was tracked at Seaside Lounge in South Brooklyn, where I live. Released on September 4th 2013. I mostly played the part of producer on this record, but had a helped out with the engineering, also writing and performing in some of the arrangements. 


The Give


A little blast from the past.

via soundcloud: This was the first of two records (the second was an EP) I made with the band The Give probably all of which was recorded in 2005. God I can't believe it's been that long. The Give was myself, Zachary Marvick, and Nick Bromen. In fact, the latter two started the band, and one day invited me to practice. On my first day of practice, located in a Shureguard unit on the west side of Olympia, Washington, I started writing parts for what would become "Things Happen in Space." To this day, that song was arguably my favorite to play, and to me, more than any other song, captured the essence of The Give.

In the short time we were together, we played all of the haunts of Tacoma and Olympia at the time – I particularly remember the voyeur, and the yes yes. We played lots of shows with our pals Lozen, 31 Knots and even The God of Shamisen. Glory Days.

Thanks to a bizarre booking snafu on behalf of Boeing (yes the airline manufacturer), we were able to track five of ten songs on this album with Lucas Carlyle at Bear Creek in Woodenville, WA. This happenstance, executed on with a few hours notice, prompted us to make this album. The remainder of the album was recorded at what we will affectionately call avenue east studios – which was really a myriad of serendipitous locations between Puyallup, WA and Portland, OR, where Nick and I were able to set up shop. It was self-released on spray-painted CDRs and came in a giant matchbox made of construction paper with xeroxed art and photos by Zachary. Because we were classy mother fuckers.


Dream Falcon: Future Futures

I finally launched the Dream Falcon (dot net) website. It's more sparse than this blog post, but for now it does what it needs to do. I've been sitting on that URL for a little while now. I've also been stewing some Dream Falcon music for several years and have a few albums worth of material to release in the coming futures. But to be fair, Dream Falcon is the most tinkering worthy of any of my projects, and will likely move as slowly as the very decades it is meant to honor.

What predicated this particular addition, is the recent soundtrack that I ended up doing –the track here titled Gunning Phase– for the new recruiting video that I produced for Etsy. In some ways, making this one track solidified for me a couple of things that I was hoping to accomplish with the Dream Falcon sensibility. Gunning Phase is available for free download on soundcloud.


Kings: October/I Got Stuck Single

I recorded and produced this double A side single for Brooklyn based queercore country band Kings. Way more info available on stay tuned for upcoming EP, which we're furiously working on.