Catherine Thompson  

shot on location in Saskatchewan, Canada, at Trails End Guest Ranch, where Catherine works during summer months. She is a truly inspirational woman and musician. This was my first film shot entirely with the 5D markII. Also, the first time I'd been horseback riding in about 15 years.

You can find the full article and more information on the Etsy blog: blog.etsy.com/​article/​11032/​


Upholstery with Spruce Home

I really enjoyed working with Spruce Home during this piece. They are a very talented upholstery outfit in Austin, TX. I also had the pleasure of working with cellist Dan Bindscheidler for the music, and I definitely tried some new things musically with this piece. All I will say about that is that I really love me a good vocoder.

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David Ellison

New England is a corner of the United States rich with tradition. David Ellison, known on Etsy as lorimerantiques, and to many of his Providence, Rhode Island neighbors as The Lorimer Workshop, builds handmade beautiful furniture steeped in such tradition.

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